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Easter in Europe
I visited Europe for the first time during an Easter holiday break from school. I lived in Michigan in the US and had the opportunity to travel with the high school’s French Club on a guided tour that took us through portions of France, Switzerland, Italy and Monaco. As a teenager, I was excited to travel apart from my parents for the first time. I had also gotten to know the French language students with whom I would be traveling, and they took me under their wing. Our tour started with several days spent seeing the sights of the most popular area of French tourism: Paris.
As we adjusted to the time zone and exploring a European country for the first time, our Easter Sunday was spent in Paris. At that time, my family in the US attended a Presbyterian church and normally we would have attended the Easter Sunday morning service together. But since my intention was to have new experiences in new lands, I attended an Easter Mass in Paris at Notre Dame Cathedral.
One of our tour guides took us interested visitors to the mass. I recall her explaining that she did not feel comfortable walking into the church during worship, so she would meet us outside the building after it was over. Although I did not feel called to missionary work with our tour guide, I did ask if I could join her outside if I left early. Later during the service, I walked outside and met her. There we talked and smoked – getting to know each other a bit – as the music and singing played in the background. I was not a student of French, but rather German. However, we used English and improvised the rest in order to learn about each other’s country and the religions practiced there. It was a great way to engage with a ‘foreigner’ in a way few guided tours could provide.
In the Ev. Kirchengemeinde Kreuzberg-Mitte, we celebrate the Passionszeit (Lenten season) with at least two high points: Palmsonntag (Palm Sunday) and Ostersonntag (Easter Sunday). In addition, our congregation has worship services throughout Holy Week – including an Easter Vigil on the Saturday night before Easter Sunday. Details on all these services are in the center calendar section of the Bote newsletter. I highly encourage you, if you are in town on a tour, visiting family, or live in the area and are curious about Church to come to one of these services. Please consider me your ‘tour guide’ if you see me there. I would be happy to talk in English or German and help you feel welcome in God’s House.
Greg Gillum